Two social events to look forward to: Quiz (Feb 24th), Comedy Night (Mar 24th)

Don't miss these - details and tickets from your social rep or by email:

If you were planning to go to Tonbridge Juddians today - don't

First XV match is off - frozen pitch.

Rugby at Wimbledon off on Sunday 22 January 2017

Pitches frozen - all rugby at Wimbledon is off.

For future weeks remember the following re parking...

Given we have less parking now we can't park on the grass, please follow the PARKING POLICY. Specifically DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS TO RESIDENTS' PROPERTIES OR CAUSE BOTTLENECKS THAT COULD CAUSE AMBULANCES TO BE DELAYED.

Pitch plan for Sunday 15 January 2017

**Sunday morning update - training and matches are ON**

We have a fairly busy day with three youth matches happening. For those matches please note the assigned changing rooms...

We are trying to rest particularly worn areas of Pitch 2 so that will not be in use.

Cakes and car parking are courtesy of the under 9s.

Please park considerately
Over the past couple of weeks a few club users have been parking in front of neighbours' drives and blocking access. This is not acceptable. If you arrive too late (usually after 0930) to park in our car parks, please follow our PARKING POLICY and park where you won't inconvenience others.

Here's the pitch plan

Pitch plan for Sunday 8 January 2017

Welcome back everyone. Bit of a squeeze this week, couple of youth games on.

Here's the pitch plan

Welcome to 2017!

Training for all minis and youth groups resumes on Sunday 8th January 2017, 10am sharp.

The following Sunday - 15th January 2017 - we'll be taking team photos thanks Matt Spour! and hopefully running a short concussion briefing for players and parents. Details to follow.

On the topic of concussion - our dedicated concussion page has been updated. We'd encourage everyone connected to the club to read about concussion and take an online course. There are downloads and links to resources and courses on this page.


On Tuesday 3rd January 2017, World Rugby announced an update to the law relating to high tackles. Specifically, it ups the offence levels when the tackler's arm comes into the contact above the shoulder. Aimed at greater protecting the head, the new law also includes situations where the person being tackled slips into the tackle.

Reckless tackle
A player is deemed to have made reckless contact during a tackle or attempted tackle or during other phases of the game if in making contact, the player knew or should have known that there was a risk of making contact with the head of an opponent, but did so anyway. This sanction applies even if the tackle starts below the line of the shoulders. This type of contact also applies to grabbing and rolling or twisting around the head/neck area even if the contact starts below the line of the shoulders.

Minimum sanction: Yellow card
Maximum sanction: Red card

Accidental tackle
When making contact with another player during a tackle or attempted tackle or during other phases of the game, if a player makes accidental contact with an opponent's head, either directly or where the contact starts below the line of the shoulders, the player may still be sanctioned. This includes situations where the ball-carrier slips into the tackle.

Minimum sanction: Penalty

Pitch plan Sunday 18 December 2016 - Minis Christmas party, too!

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas to all. Big day this Sunday - all the minis are at home and will be celebrating the first half of the season with a party and the customary Jason Leonard award for the kid in each age group who best defines the spirit of rugby.

All kids get a free xmas meal. Adults can buy some delicious fare, too. There will also be equally delicious beers and wines on sale as well...

Contrary to the pitch plan there is a cake sale from all those donated. There's also a raffle - DONATIONS PLEASE! The u9s are running the raffle. Best of luck to them! With all funds made from cakes and raffle sales going back to the club, the more you help out the better.

Don't forget the new CLUB SHOP is open from 9.30-ish to 11-ish in the green container in the club carpark. It stocks popular minis kit - tops, shorts etc. It's also the place where you pick up kit you've ordered. Training resumes January 8th 2017. Merry Christmas everyone.

Timings for U6, U7, U8 & Inclusive
10 - 11:15 Training
11:30 Presentations in the clubhouse
12:00 Collect gifts and go for food, U6 first, then U7 & U8

Timings for U9, U10, U11
10 - 12:00 Training
12:15 Presentations in the clubhouse
12:45 Collect gifts and go for food, U9 first, then U10 & U11

We will need parent helpers from each age group to help hand out lunch.

Timings for cake and drinks sales helpers are:-
10 - 11 U6
11 - 12 U7 & U8
12 - 1 U10 & U11
Please can everyone bring in cake sale donations.

The u11s are marshalling the parking. The u16 have a game against Haslemere.

Here's the pitch plan

Pitch plan 11 December 2016

Looking forward to the girls pitch up 'n play session on Sunday. It's also the Youth Xmas Party...
The Minis xmas party is next Sunday. Don't forget to pick up your kit from the club shop (the green container in the clubhouse carpark) which also stocks our most popular sizes of shirts, shorts etc for minis. Try any get there by 11am if you can.

Here's the pitch plan

Pitch plan for 4 December AND new kit shop

A big welcome to Battersea Ironsides for training - odds at Battersea, evens at home. Pitch plan below. Training kicks off at 10am sharp as normal. If you arrive after 9.30 you may find parking a challenge - please take note of our parking policy. This tells you where you can park off-site. U7s are marsalling the parking.

KIT: big news - we hope to have the Club Kit shop up and running this Sunday. It's in the green container up in the clubhouse car park. We hope this will allow minis to access the most popular sizes of kit.

It will hold limited stock, in five sizes...
25 x Socks
25 x Shorts
25 x Shirts
25 x Hoodies
25 x Drill Tops

If we are not holding your required size you will need to order in the usual way at the Wimbledon Rugby Club Kit Shop and more details are here. Kit will be delivered to the new clubhouse shop for your collection. Note the shop will ONLY take Credit/Debit card payments.

For those of you waiting on orders, we have had a large delivery of kit on Thursday, so unless you ordered in the last week or so, then you should have your kit available for collection this Sunday.

The final order date for pre-christmas orders has now passed. New orders will be delivered in the new year.

Here's the pitch plan

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