How to Join for the 2019-20 season *updated 20 January 2020*

If you just want the how-to-pay bit, scroll down to: Arrangements for start of the season 2019/20

Note for kids and parents joining the club since January 2020 for the second half of the season

Whether you've been playing school rugby since September and now can come down for club rugby, or just fancy coming down to play, we have updated the subs costs so that the fees are half of those for the full season. It's all taken care of when you go through the paying your subs process described below.

Wimbledon Rugby Football Club, and especially our thriving Minis and Youth section, is a great place for kids to play rugby! We're part of one of the founding clubs of the RFU (we celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2015). So if you live in the Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Earlsfield, Southfields, South West London or the North Surrey area, come on down and play rugby at Wimbledon RFC. Subs for the full 2019/20 season are £160 for single children (£130 for U6s), £250 for family membership and £100 for older girls rugby. Inclusive rugby is free. We have frozen the subs prices from last season.

The culture of the club is very much one of parental involvement. If you can help out by volunteering please email - we can never have too many helpers!

For newcomers, any appropriate clothing can be worn and you are welcome to a couple of try-out sessions before deciding if you want to join. Please take note of the requirements for gum shields and appropriate footwear below. A player without a gumshield will not be able to take part in any contact drills or games.

To get in touch, and to arrange a free try out, contact the relevant age group manager here or just turn up for a 10am sharp start every Sunday from September to late April.

Here's how to find us. Typical pitch arrangements by age group are here

NEW FOR 2019/20 SEASON Membership (annual) and registration (done once when you first join the club then maintained by parents) are all now organised via England Rugby's Game Management System (GMS). Details on how to log in, update your details and pay your annual subs are below. If you are new to the club, or have not yet formally "registered" via the GMS you must do so using this link. This user guide to filling this online form in might be helpful. Key thing to remember is that you register yourself first, then create a password, then add your kids details. If you already have a GMS account (because you are a parent with another kid at the club or are a past player) then you need to read below and update (not create a duplicate) your account.

Club colours are claret and Cambridge blue. Shirts, shorts, socks and training tops are from Akuma. Our new online kit shop is now open The Wimbledon Rugby Club Kit Shop is here. There are sample sizes to try on at the clubhouse (most Sunday mornings).

See the Kit page for more details.

All players U9 and above must have - and wear - a gum shield before being permitted to take part in sessions. For younger children gum shields are encouraged. The heat-moulded gum shields are adequate, but older players are recommended to have correctly fitted mouth guards.

Rugby or football boots can be worn, but must be fitted with rugby studs or have moulded plastic studs or 'blades' with no sharp edges. We recommend the one-piece aluminium studs that carry the BSI Kitemark. Trainers should not be worn as they do not provide enough protection and are not much use on wet grass or mud.

Arrangements for start of the season 2019/20

Signing up for the season is a two-step process. (1) Having a GMS account - which means that a parent and any children are registered with the club; and (2) Paying for your subs with that GMS account. Players must have paid their subs to the club and have their details registered on England Rugby's Game Management System (GMS) before they can take part in competitive matches. From this season every player in the club must be registered on the GMS system, even those in the U6s.
Club membership is renewed annually, and for 2019/20 subs will be:
Individual membership U6s – £130 - Membership for single player
Individual membership all other age groups – £160 – Membership for 1 adult / parent and 1 child
Family membership - £250 – Membership for 2 adults / parents and more than 1 child
Girls rugby membership (for playing in girls-only squads U13 and above, aged 11 and older) - £100 - Membership for 1 adult / parent and 1 child
Inclusive rugby membership - free.
There are no additional match fees.

Step-by-step guide to sorting out and paying for your membership

There are two steps to sorting out your annual membership - logging into the GMS and paying on the GMS.

Step 1. Log in to Game Management System (GMS)

FOR THE MAJORITY OF PARENTS: Every existing parent needs to log in and confirm and/or update their and their kids' details - click here

OR: If you are new to the club or have never registered - click here

PLEASE BE HELPFUL. It is highly likely that you will have forgotten your password. Please press the "forgotten password" link and you will most probably find the reminder email goes into your spam. Please, please put in the effort and find it and log back into your existing account (rather than just creating a new one). The impact on club volunteers of lots of duplicate entries is pretty significant - please help us out here.

Here is a user guide to filling this online form in

Step 2. Pay your subs via the GMS

So whilst logged into GMS (as described above)...

IDEALLY: You should be able to see your child in the main summary screen as a relationship to you;
IF NOT: click on the ‘Update Family Registration’ box, select ‘More’ in your name box and ‘Add another Youth’; fill in the form, and it should find them to link to your account.

Please also update your kids' details if needed. It's in your interest that we have up to date contact information.

To buy membership...
1. Make sure you are in your account (ie not one of your children's account pages) in the Summary view

2. Click ‘Buy Membership’ button in the middle of the screen (as picture above)
3. Choose your child for who you are buying membership for
4. Choose the appropriate Child Membership (U6, U7-18, Girls 10+, or Inclusive) arrow to add to your basket
5. Repeat again as needed for multiple children (it will cap the bill to £250 for family membership)
6. Checkout & pay

Then you will get an email confirmation of payment.

Any problems Nick our treasurer will be in the clubhouse for the first three/four Sundays in September - he'll be able to help sort any issues.

Wimbledon are committed to making rugby accessible to all young people, regardless of ability to pay. Membership fees can be reduced for those who would not be able to participate otherwise. Requests should be made to age group managers - each case will be considered individually and confidentially.

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