Pitch plan 22 September 2019

A very busy Sunday - and the start of the Rugby World Cup (!!) - to look forward to.

This is your last call for help with paying your subs and getting DBS checks done at the clubhouse (as next week it's the Wimbledon Minis Autumn Rugby Festival).

World Cup on the telly We'll be open (BBQ, coffee and beer) for the Ireland v Scotland and England v Tonga games this Sunday There's nowhere better to watch a rugby match than at a rugby club is there!

Subs For the last of you struggling to pay your subs through the GMS please see Nick the treasurer at the clubhouse on Sunday - he'll sort all of your GMS woes out. Details of how to join Wimbledon Rugby Club are here.

DBS checks Sophie and Kate will be at the clubhouse this Sunday from 9am. Please make sure you see them if you are due renewal or new to coaching (so need a new check doing). Any coach with an expired DBS (or if new, not started a check) after the end of September will not be allowed to coach (and no-one wants that to happen).

A larger, downloadable version of the DBS info is here. Link to full list of documents you can bring for a DBS check: https://www.gov.uk/criminal-record-check-documents

Here's your pitch plan

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