Sunday 11 March

This weekend has got a little complicated. Where we have ended up is:

1. U17s are going to have a Quins cup game (10 a side) away at Effingham and Leatherhead

2. U18s are not going to play Roslyn Park this weekend. That game will now take place on 25 March

3. U18s will have training at home. It is important that everyone turns up at we need to practice some 10s play as we are likely to have to play reduced side games later in the season

4. If you are desperate for a game, the adults strollers side is looking for players on Saturday for their game away to Reeds/Weybridge 2XV. Luke Good played for them a couple of weekends ago so I you want to know what it is like feel free to message him ( If you want to play please then get in contact with Andy Hayley who runs the strollers on


Dave Wilkinson