This Saturday and Sunday


This Sunday it is training at home. However re Saturday, below I have set out an email I received from Andy Hayley who runs the strollers side for the club. He is looking for players to play on Saturday. If you are interested please contact him on




Dick suggested I get in touch with you, as I am keen to reignite the U18s playing Strollers rugby.

As you probably remember from time to time your eldest son played. Post-Christmas, we've tended, over the last 4 seasons, to get a good sprinkling of 18s into the side.

This coming Saturday (17th February) we have a home fixture @2:00pm vs Old Freemans. Could I ask you to enquire if any of your squad would want to make themselves available to play this week?

The side is a good mix of youth and experience and we still have a number of U19s/U21s playing too.

Drop me a line back if you need any other information. Thanks very much for helping out here.