Wheelchair Ruby Needs Help

As some people will know wheelchair rugby is a mixed gender team sport created for people with Tetraplegia (either through injury or genetic disorder) and a sport that provides inspiration and hope in spinal units and military rehab units throughout the UK. At the elite end, it is a sport that gives people with some of the most severe levels of disability the chance to compete at the highest level, the Paralympic Games. England's, Mike Brown is one of the Ambassadors for the sport and does what he can to promote and fund raise for it.

Unfortunately in December of last year UK Sport made a decision not to provide any further funding to the elite end of the game; despite it being able to demonstrate a consistent improvement in its competitiveness against the top four teams in the world. Great Britain is ranked fifth, despite only missing out on a semi-final spot in Rio by the roll of a wheel (eventually losing in extra time in its deciding game).

The funding cut comes even though UK Sport acknowledges that the sport has genuine podium potential. The impact on the game is massive - not just for the elite team but also for those at the lower levels (due to the inevitable profile that the elite game brings in terms of volunteers, sponsors and so on).

The sports governing body has now launched a crowd funding appeal to support the team in attempting to qualify for the Tokyo Paralympics – the following link is to an article in the Independent which gives a little more background. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/olympics/gb-wheelchair-rugby-crowd-fu...

Bearing in mind that the lost funding totals some £3m (spread over the full four year cycle), filling the gap will definitely not be an easy challenge. However, the intention is to raise as much money as possible to give the guys and girls the best opportunity of qualifying. So, based on the principle of "if you don't ask you don't get", if anyone does feel that they can spare a few pounds (personally or corporately), please click on the following and hand over the cash - however large or small, it all helps. http://gbwr.org.uk/ Currently the total raised sits out £13,000 which means they have a long way to go. The RFU provides some funding but cannot bridge the gap as the sport is a separately regulated sport. However, hopefully those involved in the able bodied game can still help. Please help if you can