Pitch plan 16 February 2020

Weather update: all rugby cancelled, Sunday 16 February 2020

As you can see, we have standing water and waterlogging across all pitches. Consequently, and regretfully, we need to cancel all rugby this Sunday. Enjoy your day off and let's hope we can play next Sunday.

Invitation to all coaches
We invite all head coaches and coaches along for a debrief on the season to date, things that are going well, areas we can improve, meet the other coaches at the club.

WHEN Wednesday 11th March, 7.45pm for an 8pm start at the clubhouse
THE PLAN 15 minute debrief and update, 20 minute break out group to discuss ideas/progress, 20 minute review and plan for next season. Followed by a beer at the bar to chat/catch up further.

Calling all girls
Our girls rugby squad has expanded at the club and is growing strongly. They are now on a great recruitment drive to draw more players to the club, connecting with local schools. They have a taster rugby session coming up soon at Wimbledon and it would be great if you can spread the word to those girls who may be connected to the club however not tried rugby before. It will be on Sunday the 1st March.

Here's your pitch plan

Waterlogged pitches 15 Feb 2020.jpeg34.36 KB