Come and join our Girls’ Rugby Teams!

WHEN & WHERE do the girls' rugby squads train?
Training is held on Sunday mornings from 11am at Wimbledon Rugby Club, Barham Road, Wimbledon, SW20 0ET

Contact us
If you’d like to do a free trial session or find out more, drop an email to girls@wmrfc.co.uk and someone will get back to you asap. You can also find us on Twitter @GirlsWimbledon, Instagram @wimbledongirls and Facebook Wimbledon RFC Girls

The coaching team
Each age group has its own coaching team, drawn from a mix of Women’s team players, parent coaches and also other senior coaches from the club. Each age group also has a volunteer manager, who helps with communication and organising fixtures etc. The girls (and parents!) work hard but have a lot of fun and their team spirit and support for each other is fantastic.

What you need to bring
● Gum shield for when you play contact - if you’re not sure which one to buy just ask a coach or manager
● Studded football/rugby boots. (Boots are better if it is muddy but trainers can be better at the start or end of the season when the ground is dry)!
● Comfy clothes that can get muddy. Wet weather gear if it looks like rain
● Water to drink


Girls in primary school There are a few different ways to get into rugby at Wimbledon:

1. Join the mixed minis, up to Year 6 (Under 11). You start learning contact rugby in U9 (that’s school year 4). At U12 (Year 7) you have to move over to the all-girls’ section (see below).
2. Join the mixed tag rugby group (ages U9-U11). Contact Juliet (Mouse) at kidstag@wmrfc.co.uk to find out more.
3. If you really want to move over to the all-girls’ section sooner (ie year 5 or 6), just get in touch via girls@wmrfc.co.uk and we will go through the options.

Rugby is known for being a contact sport. The girls can do as little or as much as they are comfortable with until their
confidence grows, but we do a lot of touch/tag Rugby as part of the training. Any contact that we do will be properly
coached and girls must wear a gumshield. Safety is Key!

Girls in secondary school The senior girls’ rugby is split into three groups:

U13 - school years 7 & 8
Lots of girls only start rugby at this age but you learn very quickly! There are Surrey competitions in this age group as well as lots of friendly matches to play.

U15 - schools years 9 & 10
This is when you start playing 15-a-side rugby with all the different positions. There is a National competition and also Surrey competitions to take part in.

U18 - school years 11, 12 & 13
Similar rules and competitions to U15s, but you can have contested lineouts now.

Uni and beyond!
If you’re still keen after that, you can join our Women’s team! More and more girls are picking up rugby at university and then coming home hooked, so we are keen to welcome them to Wimbledon women, which celebrated its 30th year in 2020.

Check out this video featuring a Wimbledon Coach (Kirsty, from 2018). She talks about how she got into the game and why she's so passionate about rugby.

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