Inclusive Rugby Team

Sessions run on a Sunday starting at 9.30am.

Do bring your son or daughter along and give it a try. We are a mixed friendly group. All our parents stay on the touchline, this is required but it is also an enjoyable part of the morning for most and I know they'll welcome you to their number.
Your child can wear whatever they are comfortable in to play. Most of the players do opt to buy Wimbledon kit but it is not compulsory and from time to time we have a second hand kit sale.

The players are both boys and girls and range from 7 to 12, plus we occasionally go outside of that range if asked and we think it is safe to do so.

The sessions consist of a mixture of drills leading up to a touch rugby game. We have a mixture of abilities and all are welcome. We do teach the children how to play rugby but nobody gets upset if they can't or even won't do any particular aspect of the game.

It is not unusual for some players to move to the mainstream group either at their age or close to it. This will be if they have mastered the basics and seem keen for a more competitive game. It is not an aim though as happens naturally, when it does.

The aim is for the children to do what loads of other children do by taking part in the great sport of rugby and that is have fun. They will also learn new skills along the way and develop in a variety of ways but that's a bonus.

Two of our Inclusive Rugby players got to take the ball onto the pitch at the 2024 Gallagher Premiership Final. You can read all about it - and see some videos - here.

Here's some further information that might help explain more about our fabulous Inclusive Rugby sessions...

We'd like to invite you to bring your son or daughter to try out a section of our rugby club that is unique in this area. We run an inclusive rugby session for children who have Special Educational Needs and Additional Vulnerabilities. This will run every Sunday, during the season at the club from 9.30 am to 10.30am

Why are we doing this? Well we are Wimbledon Rugby Club, the club has a proud history and was started way back in 1865. Around 25 years ago we started a minis and youth section and have a thriving group of young people aged from 5 to 18 who all have fun playing rugby every Sunday. We are a successful club at all levels with our Men's 1st XV playing in London & SW Premiership and our youth teams competing with the best in Surrey.

We all have great fun and get a lot out of rugby and firmly believe everyone can do the same and, when we can, we should give something back. Then we heard about Inclusive Rugby and thought "why wouldn't we get involved in that?". We think it's a great idea and know that everyone at the club will get a lot out of it and we think we've got something special to offer to another group of children. There is NO TACKLING in Inclusive Rugby we play a variation of tag rugby with lots of warm up games and set drills appropriate to our players. Those players who pick the game up well may use it as a stepping stone into mainstream rugby with their parents and their agreement but that’s not the aim. The aim is to have fun.

The jury is out as to who has the most fun out of the players, the coaches and the parents but we definitely have fun. Everyone keeps patting us on the back for doing this, but we just love it and are grateful to be involved. We think it's one of the best things we've ever done. Our parents regularly report their children have tried other team sports but couldn’t fit in until they came to us. They also say their children’s physical development has improved but also their social and communication skills as well.

If you have a son or daughter between the ages of 7 & 12 (or thereabouts) and think they just might enjoy what we have to offer then bring them along to one of our sessions and give them a chance. There's no charge for the first few weeks and the subs are reduced for this group if you do decide to stay and, more to the point, you and your children may just find a whole new way to have fun and an exciting new club to join.

We just need an idea of numbers so please let us know if your planning to come along plus a few details about your child e.g. name, date of birth and any particular likes and dislikes by emailing us at

Or you can just turn up and ask for me, Steph or Edward and give it a go.

Yours in rugby

John Woods
Chair WRFC