Fundraising Offers

Help support the club everytime you shop online.

Anyone who logs on to the site, can use it as a route to over 2000 companies. i.e. John Lewis, Amazon, Homebase, M&S, Expedia, Debenhams, Argos... and many many more.

The categories include Toys & Games, Electronic and Computing, Flights & Holidays, Video Games & Consoles, Business & Office, Insurance and again many more.

You will find many exclusive offers from the retailers that are only available through this site. The site puts you through to whoever you wish to shop with so you are dealing directly with John Lewis for example, you have just used this route to get there. It is actually simpler, as every retailer is on this site you just click on who you want an are directed straight to them. The retailers also give special offers that are exclusive to this site.

Every time you search, we, the club will get paid, just searching two outlets through the site gives us a penny. Every time you make a purchase we receive a percentage of your spend which ranges from 2.8% to 5.8%. This will not affect your Statutory Rights in any way. All your rights and the normal security are just the same. You are just using this site to get where you want to be. The above address with wmrfc in it is exclusive to us and that's how our funds will get raised.

You will all see a wonderful new club house very shortly now. This has to be paid for. We are looking at all sorts of sponsorships and advertising opportunities to raise money, this is something you can all do to do your bit. Please pass on the information of this site to other members of your family your friends and colleagues.