Tour 2016


I know we have only just come back from tour but I have started turning my mind to next year. I have had some proposals through. Currently the pricing is indicative. This is because if are to fly I am relying on the prices not moving much between now and the time we would need to book in early January.

Before I put too much effort in I would like to establish if there is interest in a tour next year. The plan would be to fly on Thursday 27 Oct and return on Sunday 30 Oct.

There is some desire to fly to Spain or Portugal as the weather is better and if we are by the coast then there would be a beach so that there would be less need for organised activities which cost money.

The options being explored at the moment (and rough costs after subsidy out of funds I have managed to build up for the age group ) are:

Dublin by coach (Cost circa £250)
Lisbon - we would fly (Cost between £350 and £400 depends on flight costs)
Sitges (just south of Barcelona) - we would fly (Cost between £350 and £400 depends on flight costs)
Gijon Northern Spain - we would fly (cost around £320 to £360) although the organiser is checking that there are sufficient youth teams to play in the area. Further although the price is attractive we would be flying from Stanstead which makes arrangements much harder

So what do I need from you now? First it is an indication of whether your son would like to tour and then secondly whether you consider that we should look at Dublin or a tour where we fly or either. Obviously I will try and keep prices as low as possible and I would look to try and organise something which the majority are in favour of.

Please let me know what you think and don't wait for me to have to chase for a response.