Training - Sunday 4th October


Just a reminder that training tomorrow is at 3pm at the club (due to the mini festival in the morning).

For those who have not paid their subs, please go to the "How to Join" section of the website ( print off the forms and bring your form with a cheque. If you have paid online but not handed in the form, I still need the form please.

For those going on tour who have not handed in their sponsored run money, please can I have that tomorrow. For those who did not do the run, please do some jobs round your house and earn some money or raid your piggy bank to contribute. It would be great if everyone can contribute to tour funds in this way as the run was to raise funds for tour shirts and other tour items. The shirts alone cost £37.50 each. The list of those that I have yet to receive money from is:

Luca Boyd
Nick Brown
Callum Drewett
Louis Fleming
Jonathan Harland
Hamish Lawless
Beau Roberts
Freddie Russell
Tom Sheppard
Alex Soriano
Jack Stace
James Verga
Conall Wilson

That amounts to quite a gap in the tour budget!

Many thanks