Festival report: Cobham B Festival (6 October 2013)

A beautiful sunny day for the Cobham B tournament. Ian bought the big tent and the flag. We meant business!. The weather meant that we didn't need the sides of the tent which was fortunate, as Ian forgot them. The 'Gazebo' was erected with military precision over several hours, the Flag raised and the boys warmed up into a frenzy of anticipation, we were ready for action

Game 1 vs Reeds

The boys ran out against the strongest team of the group (and eventual group winners) for the first competitive match of the season. Despite an enthusiastic warm up the boys seemed to forget everything at the first whistle. A scrappy first half of over ambitious long passes to invisible players, scattered defence and sideways running saw the team 3 scores down by half time. This continued into the second half with another soft try conceded. After that, the team smartened up their act and Seb the flying wing scored a scorching try on the outside. A much improved defence worked well for the remainder of the second half conceding a single further try towards the end.

Wimbledon 1 Reeds 5

Game 2 vs Cobham

The second game saw Hans (sporting a magnificent shiner from a gentle game of golf the previous day) set off on a familiar weaving run to set the ball down. This was followed by some persistent pressure from the team and Seb popped up to score and the sides turned around at half time with Wimbledon 2-0 up. A soft try was conceded at the very start of the second half before Seb yet again crossed the line to restore the two point gap. Cobham then progressed up the field with a well worked try to set the score at 3-2. A further turnover in midfield saw the sides level at 3-3. Then the game changer. At the restart Wilf skinned the Cobham team on the outside to touch down only for the try to be awarded and then disallowed by the referee for crossing a the dead ball line by a fraction following protestations from the Cobham line judge. In the ensuing confusion Cobham ran through a retreating Wimbledon defence to score! Stung by the injustice of it all Sonny took the ball to take the Cobham team on and score a terrific try to take the moral victory.

Wimbledon 4 Cobham 4

Game 3 vs Teddington

A great third match saw some good end to end stuff with excellent tagging by both teams. The 6 tag turnover rule came into play several times. Teddington were well drilled and and scored three well worked tries before Hans did his usual weaving score. Teddington scored a further try before Flynn crossed for us. Seb scored once more for 3-5 before Teddington restored the gap. Wilf passed off to Seb and to send him over once again to make it 4-6. A much improved performance from the team ended with a whimper as Wimbledon conceded another soft try.

Wimbledon 4 Teddington 7

Game 4 vs Chobham

So, to the last game of the day and with nothing realistically to play for, the team sparked into life in the knowledge that only a big win and some favourable results elsewhere would suffice! Down 1, Flynn set off to draw the defence and offload to Wilf who went over to score his 'second' try of the tournament. Hans then did the same to put Seb over for another superb score. Chobham clawed one back before Hans ran a straight angled run (they really were 'getting it' at this point) and scored a great try - a scrum half in the making if ever there was one. Just at half time we let one in to make it 3-3 at the turnaround. At the restart Misha went route one through a desperate defence to put the ball over at make it 4-3. Two replies from Chobham put them ahead before Misha tip toed down the touchline for a try. A missed tackle saw us one down with seconds to go. Then Matty Corkham stepped up, stood tall and with a heart as big as Alaska marched through a quivering defence to bundle the ball over for a hard fought draw and the whistle

Wimbledon 6 Chobham 6

The boys didn't progress but were a credit to the Wimbledon Jersey. Sweaty, tired and disappointed, they will come back stronger for the experience. All played well but the player of the tournament for us was our flying wing - young Seb.

Well done all. Match report a Carsten/Rupert co-production