Hello Everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the Easter Break and had a nice lie in this Sunday.
Easy on the chocolate though as we have some big games coming up. We are all expecting big things both from the Surrey Mini competitions and with some good league positions as the youth teams finish their fixtures.

It's been a busy few weeks at the club with a number of events and parties, not least of these being the game and party to celebrate myself & Steph surviving 50 years and an untold amount of games of rugby. A fun time was had by all but hopefully everyone has recovered now. Thanks to all those who joined in and made it such a great evening.

There is more fun to come of course as this year we have our very own May ball to look forward to. If you came 2 years ago you will know what a fantastic event this is and will no doubt already have bought your tickets. if you haven't been before your in for a treat but you better get your tickets now, as despite booking an even bigger marquee this year there will be a huge demand for this famous evening so you better get a move on.