Pitch plan - Sunday 6 November 2016

The busy day of the year so far!!!!

Youth: 16s, 15Bs, 14, 13s, 12Bs, Girls - All playing at home

Minis: As are playing at Esher - everyone else all training at home.

The Clubhouse will be incredibly busy. The U13s are having a full lunch at 13:00 and there are post-match lunches for U16s, 15s, & 14s.

U12s early kick off at 10:30, with the U13s playing on Pitch 6 immediately afterwards at 11:30 kick off.

All other matches are kicking off at 11:00

Here's the pitch plan

If you need new boots or a mudguard there's a special offer for Wimbledon rugby club mini and youth players from Sporting Feet: 10% off rugby boots, mouth guards and a free ‘Bootclaw’ boot cleaner/stud key until 13th November 2016. Full details here: http://wmrfc.co.uk/node/1386

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