Pitch plan 10 January 2016

We have an extraordinarily busy Sunday at the club with everyone bar 2 youth teams playing. There are 6 youth matches and all the minis in attendance.

With one of the major playing surfaces (pitch 2) not usable we have had to push 4 youth matches to just after 12:00

Under 10s are organising parking this week.

Pitch plan

Sunday's youth matches...

KO: 11:00
Pitch 1 - 18s
Pitch 3 - 14b

KO: 12:15
Pitch 1 - 21s
Pitch 3 - 14A
Pitch 5 - 15s
Pitch 7 - 16s

The weather looks like it will hold out, but close inspections will take place over the next few days for playability. So please keep an eye on the website and emails if that changes

pitch plan Sun 10 Jan 16.png321.86 KB