Under 9s - new season introduction

Head Coach Introduction from JK - August 2014

This promises to be a very special season for the whole of Wimbledon RFC and the Under 9’s in particular. It is the 150th anniversary of the club and a whole season of special events are being planned. For the under 9’s it is time to cast of the belts and tags and to get their first taste of real rugby, because this year we will be introducing the tackle into our training and game play.

At the end of last season we introduced all of the players to some contact sessions and the coaching team was very impressed with how they took to it. It is nothing to be afraid of, but rather is something to embrace as it allows all the players to express their physical side and get properly stuck in. We will be doing a fair amount of tackling practice in the first few weeks. Make sure you have your gum-shields at the ready!

The games will be 7 aside on a pitch 60m x 30m. The players are allowed to tackle, either in the conventional sense of taking the player to the ground or by grabbing them and holding them for three seconds. After the tackle or three second hold is complete there is no contest for the ball, but rather the tackled player is allowed to pass the ball from the ground or out of hand, or a scrum-half can come in and pass the ball from the ground. The ball is turned over after 7 tackles. A full version of the rules can be found at here.

Coaching is one of the most enjoyable of pursuits. We have seen great improvements over the last year in all the players both in terms of their physical and mental maturity. Rugby is a team game which requires discipline and thought, it is not all smashing and bashing. If you would like to assist with coaching let me know and we will get you involved. Our success is due to the number of coaches that are involved.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of last season was giving the players a chance to spread their wings with trips to Harlequins and then to Leicester on tour. We hope that an even more ambitious tour can be arranged this year. Make sure you sign up to this unique opportunity!

I look forward to seeing you all on the touchline this season.


PS Some write ups from last season, when the kids were Under 8s, are below

Quick message from your managers
If you're the new to the club please just turn up on Sundays and see either of us - Sophie Castle and Katie Hubber - or email us at u9@wmrfc.co.uk