U8 A Festival at Esher (March 2)

Another great performance from the squad on a day that saw a great number of our kids playing competitive games. The coldness for the spectators counts for the brevity of the report!

When we were good, we were really, really good... Points to work on are quicker offloading of the ball from a tackle; faster running support play; not letting the odd tag through. At this level the result in hard games is all about the margins (apologies for sporting cliche there). Overall, the boys performed well and should be proud.

The children acquitted themselves well at the Esher Festival and did the club proud! They worked hard for each other, played some excellent flowing rugby, and on the whole were very effective with their tagging (especially in the earlier games). The coaches were very proud of their four performances. Comments from fellow spectators from opposing sides had them in the final after 2 games, but alas it was not to be. In the final round robin game the team came up against a Warlingham side who played extremely well and deserved to grab the only place into the final.

Results as follows:

Esher - won 7-3
Cobham - won 7-5
Old Ruts - won but no idea of score
Warlingham - lost 4-7