Important change to parking policy at WMRFC

Dear Club Members and Friends of the Club
After careful deliberation and response to feedback from key stakeholders we have decided to
implement paid parking at WRFC.
Please be reassured that Members will be able to park completely free all year round.

We have chosen a company called PPM (Private Parking Management) to oversee patrols and issue
Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s). They will carry the whole cost of installation and signage. The
system will not be automated (no ANPR cameras) initially and WRFC will have final say on all PCN’s.
It is the intention to use some, or all, of the monies raised to improve the car parking facilities (repair
potholes, lighting, signage, tarmac Preston Rd, repaint bays etc) and to try to deal more effectively
with dog poo issues. We will also, in due course, have to pay for resurfacing of the main carpark.

Initially WRFC will enter all registrations by registration plate lists given to the IT department of PPM.
We hope to do this via collection by Membership section leads (age-group managers or designated
persons). In future seasons, we hope to achieve this by digitally attaching car registrations to Membership
Cards and for members to be able to manage their Membership Card account and registration

Please bear with us, despite our best efforts to foresee complications, there may be issues which
need addressing during the implementation stage. We do have some flexibility with the scheme to
mitigate problems that might arise.

Your support and cooperation are invaluable as we work towards enhancing the overall experience
at WRFC.
Kind regards, The Executive Committee

 When will this start? Provisional start date is 1 st June but this may be delayed
 Will I be able to add extra cars? Yes
 Will I be able to pay with cash? Yes via Pay and Display machines
 Will I be able to use an App? Yes, JustPark
 What will the charges be: Initially £3 for 2 hours, £5 for 4 hours up to £12 for 24 hours.
 What happens if locals or others complain to the Council? If the Council directs WRFC to
remove the signs and provide free parking (which both PPM and WRFC have sought legal
advice on and feel is unlikely) then that shall be at PPM’s cost.
 What will happen at large events, Mini-Festivals, JF7’s etc? Cars will have to pay standard
rates to use or WRFC may choose to charge separately for admission

 Will the opposing teams have to pay? Yes if arriving in private cars but not if arriving in
Coaches or Mini-Buses.
 Will match officials need to pay? No, temporary paper permits will be issued.
 Will I have to pay if I just drop off or collect? No, vehicles will not be charged if attended.
 Will Preston Rd Car Park (Drax) be included? Yes, and it will have its own Pay and Display
 What data will PPM have access to and will that be GDPR compliant? Yes, the only
information PPM will have will be the registration plate.
 We understand that changes like this may raise other questions, not answered here. Please
feed back to your Membership section leads and we will try to answer as swiftly as possible.