Pitch plan 20 January 2019

A big weekend of rugby this Sunday - welcome visitors from Guildford, Farnham and Dorking. With the grass now wet parking is at a premium. If you are arriving after 9.30am please do not attempt to enter Barham Road and park in one of the approved off-site locations.

Link to our full parking policy.

A reminder to all, club members and visitors to continue to show respect to the people who volunteer to park on a Sunday morning. These individuals (many of whose young children don a high vis vest to support their parents) are volunteers and under no circumstances should be abused of mistreated in any way. Car parking is a thankless but necessary part of club life, 100% reliant on the goodwill of volunteers.

Most people have been moved around to accommodate matches. Please check, read and inform your age groups where they will be this weekend so there is not chaos to start the morning.

Personally I would recommend arriving early for parking and set up.

Pitch plan

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