RFU core values and Age Grade codes of practice

Wimbledon RFC is signed up to England Rugby Kids First scheme. It's a strong commitment to helping kids love rugby for as long as possible so they can grown from mini rugby, into youth rugby, and hopefully, into our senior teams.

Part of the Kids First pledge is a commitment to following the RFU's Age Grade Rugby codes of practice.

This guide spells out the seven principles in full.

1: Developing the Whole Player
• Focuses on the benefits of developing a positive attitude towards physical activity.
2: Adopt a Player-Centred Approach to Playing and Training
• Encourages a focus on enjoyment and improvement regarding training, competition and frequency of play.
3: Grouping of Players
• Focuses on the need to give players an equal opportunity to play, train and develop with their peers.
4: An Individual Playing Up and Down
• Advises on how to approach the rare occasions when children are unable to play with their peer group.
5: Combining Age Groups
• Considers how best to combine age groups if this is the only solution.
6: Out of Season Activities, Rugby Camps and Tours
• Advocates the benefits of children having a break from rugby and experiencing a balanced programme that encourages them to take part in other sports.
7: Minimum Standards for Coaches and Referees
• Recommends standards of practice so that coaches are player-centred and appropriately skilled.

This quote from Eddie Jones is a great summary of the aims of the Codes

"Being more player-centred means that the focus is on potential rather than current ability and that the emphasis is on enjoyment and encouraging a life-long love of rugby. As our research shows, for children, enjoyment is more important than winning; especially if it means they get to play with their friends.

Prioritising winning is not what children want and does not fit with the ethos of Age Grade rugby."

RFU core values

We fully support the RFU initiative to encourage all rugby fans - players and parents, young and old - to hold the game's values in the highest esteem. Let's make the season great for the club by helping all of our members keep these values...

Teamwork • Respect • Enjoyment • Discipline • Sportsmanship