Wimbledon Rugby Football Club launches emergency fundraising campaign

Dear players, parents and friends

Today (March 29th) Wimbledon RFC has launched an emergency GoFundMe campaign to help sustain the club through the next few months as we have had to cease all playing and clubhouse activities due to the Coronavirus pandemic. From April to September we usually make the most of our facilities to generate income to support the ongoing running of our community club.

Wimbledon RFC is a very important place for our kids to enjoy their sport; over 500 children rely on the club. Along with thousands of rugby clubs up and down the country, the volunteer-run community game finds itself in crisis and ours sadly is no exception.

Bluntly, with no income over the coming months, we will not be able to pay our bills, hence this call out for donations.

The Club has already taken a number of drastic measures to cut its outgoings during the period of closure as well as making plans to access Government Grants. But we also need your financial support.

Be a hero: you can donate easily with just a couple of clicks

Our GoFundMe.com page is here.

How much are you looking for as a donation?

We are hoping to raise at least £30,000. A number of people have suggested amounts:

1. If you are lucky enough to be not unduly troubled financially by the current pandemic we would appreciate any donations over £500. We've already had one kind donation of £1,000
2. Perhaps donating the cost of your weekly commute (£42.40 or £51.90 depending on zone)? That would be a massive help
3. Any level of donation from a fiver upwards will help. £20 seems a popular amount
4. What would you have spent behind the bar at an end of season dinner or a Saturday night out?

We are very lucky as a club to have many parents volunteer to help run training, matches and events. To help ensure we can start the new season (whenever that might be) in a stable-ish financial footing, we need every parent to answer this call to alms.

With huge thanks in advance from all at the club.

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