The Spring Mini's Wimbledon Rugby Festival 2019 - 24 March 2019

A huge welcome to our guests this Sunday: Rosslyn Park, Whitgiftians, Old Midwhitgiftians, Sutton & Epsom, Guildfordians, Warlingham, Windsor, Kingston and Battersea Ironsides. An even larger number of clubs joining us than for the Autumn Festival. Fantastic!

It's highly likely that you won't be able to park at the club (unless the ground dries up quickly). So if you can avoid coming down Barham Road to the club please do and park in one of the green-shaded roads below...

Please also read and follow our parking policy, and listen to any parking instructions you are given - and respect that everyone marshalling the parking are parent volunteers.

Anyone blocking access to homes or restricting ambulance access will be reported to the police.

If you need directions to Wimbledon Rugby Football Club click here

The programme for Sunday can be downloaded here

Come and play the A-Plan Insurance passing challenge up by the clubhouse for a chance to win prizes.

Here's the pitch plan

A note from Sophie Castle, Wimbledon's child protection officer
Remember, everyone (parent, coaches and players alike) must observe the RFU rules and spirit of play...namely

1. Support positively and applaud good play (even if it's not your team!)
2. Respect officials and opposition players
3. Remember that children are playing to have fun
4. Behave as good role models on the touchline
5. Congratulate the opposition and make their supporters welcome.

Or if you prefer, a note on bad parental behaviour from Brian Moore
[Children] do not always recognise a general expression of disappointment and believe it is directed at them. Head shaking, rolling of the eyes, looking away, kicking the ground – any of these can discourage children, and exhortations like “come on” and “sort it out” are as practically useless from the touchline as they are on the pitch. Full article is here

Hope you enjoy the festival and remember TREDS

Teamwork • Respect • Enjoyment • Discipline • Sportsmanship

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