Refereeing and Laws

Age group regulations - variations to the Laws of the Game

This page was updated August 2023.

General England Rugby playing regulations (Regulation 15) are here.

Changes to tackle height laws for our players
The tackle height for all players, in open play, in the community game from u9 to u18s (and adults too) is now defined as below the base of the sternum. More details on the England Rugby website here.

The half-game rule applies to all minis and youth rugby: The rule ensures that everyone in the match day squad gets to play at least half the game time available.

Boys rugby

U5, U6 & U7:

U15 to U18:

The U15 to U18 regulations should also be read in conjunction with World Rugby's U19 law variations
• Team variations are here:
• Time variations are here:
• Scrum variations are here:

Of specific note - maximum (unintentional) wheel is 45 degrees and maximum drive is 1.5m. Intentional wheeling, even just to 45 degrees, is a penalty offence.

Link to the full regulations
The home for England Rugby regulations is here:

Link to the laws of rugby
The laws of rugby via World Rugby are here:

UPDATE: Refereeing guidelines - September 2019
The London Society of Rugby Football Union Referees has announced a zero-tolerance approach to backchat and appealing from players during matches. This approach is wholly endorsed by Wimbledon RFC and all players should expect to be warned and then penalised for instances of arm waiving and backchat/challenging refereeing decisions during games.

The referees process to be applied at all levels is simple:
1st occasion: a player will be spoken to
2nd occasion: the captain will be warned
3rd occasion: will see a team penalised

Note: if the incident is serious enough, the player may be penalised on the first occasion. If this does not solve the matter then clearly sanctions can be escalated accordingly.

Coaches wanting to take a course, read here
The club encourage our coaches to take as many courses as possible. You can get your course fees refunded by contacting Please get pre-clearance from your age group head coach/chair of youth and let the treasurer know you are doing it. This way Nick, the treasurer, knows that your course is supported by the club and he can track courses and also know that a bill will be coming.

Find out what course is right for you here:

The England Rugby coaching and refereeing course finder is here:

To be trained to referee the 15-a-side game
You need to attend a course called England Rugby Refereeing Award (Level 2). This course is for new and developing referees wanting to referee the 15-a-side game and will equip delegates with the skills and confidence to do so effectively. It takes 12 hours over two days and is a mixture of practical and classroom based activities.
Pre-requisites - Complete IRB online Rugby Ready and IRB Laws Test before attending this course.

If you need further advice on how to start refereeing or choosing an appropriate course, please visit

The Wimbledon RFC Disciplinary Policy can be found here. It caters for all age groups (adult to minis) and covers players, parents, coaches and visitors. Any questions to John Woods, Wimbledon RFC Hon. Secretary

As part of the RFUs plans for improving player and spectator behaviour it has put together a document (see attached below) - This is Rugby . It simply states what rugby is, and most importantly, what it isn't. Please take a moment to study it, especially in light of the renewed focus on discipline this season - Let's help everyone enjoy our sport to the full.

Our Refereeing Co-ordinator is John Cardosi. He can be contacted via

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