Pitch plan 4 February 2018

The Six Nations are here at last. Shaun's showing the England v Italy game in the clubhouse from 2pm on Sunday. Why not stay and settle in for (hopefully) a cracker.Before we get to the pitch plan...

1. Rugby camp for minis and younger youth + 7s for older youth during half term. See http://wmrfc.co.uk/node/1558
2. Quiz night on Friday 9th March. One table held per age group. Don't miss out; it's a cracking evening. See http://wmrfc.co.uk/node/1564

Pitch plan

Finally... PARKING

Thanks to those of you who helped by listening to the marshalls and parked away from the private roads which surround the club. Your efforts are much appreciated. Simply - don't try and park anywhere off Barham Road if you arrive after 9.30. And definitely don't park on the corners of junctions or restrict ambulance/fire engine access.

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