Wimbledon RFC - proud to support Age Grade codes of practice and RFC core values

We've updated our website with links to the seven codes of practice that underpin Age Grade Rugby: the set of principles that govern how all rugby should be coached and played from U6-U18. See more: http://wmrfc.co.uk/rfucorevalues

Great quote from Eddie Jones on Age Grade Rugby's codes

"Being more player-centred means that the focus is on potential rather than current ability and that the emphasis is on enjoyment and encouraging a life-long love of rugby. As our research shows, for children, enjoyment is more important than winning; especially if it means they get to play with their friends.

Prioritising winning is not what children want and does not fit with the ethos of Age Grade rugby."

Another great quote from Eddie Jones (with apologies to our Kiwi friends...)

“Sorry, I meant to say two sh**ty little islands.” Eddie Jones, England rugby union head coach, when asked to apologise for calling New Zealand “a sh**ty little island off the south coast of Australia".

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Rugby resumes Sunday 7 January 2018.