Pitch plan 31 January 2016

The evens are welcoming Rosslyn Park on Sunday so it's going to be a busy day. The odds are at 'Park.

U8s are marshalling parking. Please follow any directions you get from them. If you arrive at the club after about 9.40 it is likely you'll have to park off site in one of the areas below:

Alternative parking places for WMRFC when on-site parking is full (in order of proximity)
1. Copse Hill between the A238 and Barham Road (park on either side).
2. Beverley Avenue there is a footpath at the end that leads to Hood Road. Walk up and turn into Preston
3. Burdett Avenue and Cottenham Park Road to the east of Copse Hill road this involves a five minute
4. Oakwood Road there is a footpath at the top corner (Cottenham Park Road) that runs between the
allotments and the Oberon Field. Walk down to Burdett Avenue – approx. a 10 minute walk

There's a map of these locations on the parking policy, here

Pitch plan

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